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Passion for High Heels

May 23, 2013

I don’t know who invented the high heel, but all women owe him a lot.” Marilyn Monroe

For much of history women’s shoes were pretty much kept in the dark, hidden under petticoats, crinolines and long skirts. Ironically even though shoes were mostly hidden, they were and are the most revealing part of a woman’s attire. Shoes have always reflected the wearer’s status and economic position. The gold soled sandals of Roman empresses, red heeled pumps of the court of Louis XIV and sexy pumps from well known designers like Manolo Blahnik, all serve as calling cards of class and wealth.

Shoes don’t only reflect social history they are also a personal record of our lives. Mementos of special occasions, to preserve the past and to trigger memories. This is why it is so hard to discard of a pair of sexy shoes we love and adore, even if they become unwearable. This is also one of  the reasons so many of us have at least 30 or more pairs of shoes.

cork wedges - comfy high heels for women

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Buying a new pair of high heels is a little like doing a room makeover.

You buy a new lamp and all of a sudden the rest of the room looks shabby and you want to redecorate. It’s the same with heels. Step into your high heels, and you will feel compelled to throw off your sweatpants and sink into a bath full of fragrant bubbles, then you will want to get a pedicure and get your hair done. Viola, a beautiful new you emerges.

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Sexy Summer Sandals

April 26, 2012

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to stock up on some Sexy Summer Sandals.

Serve up some sexy sophistication and complete your flirty summer outfits with the right pair of sandals.
sexy summer sandal Sexy flat summer sandal sexy summer sandal sexy summer wedge sandal summer flat dress sandal

Choose from dressy flat sandals, wedges or ultra sexy stiletto heeled sandals. Add a pop of color, a little flower power or metallic adornments. Sexy, strappy and so right now!

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Zebra Flats to Go for You

April 24, 2012

We have all been there. It is well after Midnight, you’ve been drinking and dancing all night long in your sexy high heels and now you simple can’t take another step in them.

You have two choices, take off your pretty heels and traipse around barefoot. Slip sliding on spilt beer and who knows what or go with option number two. Pull out a cute pair of Zebra Flats to Go. They are foldable so you can carry them around in the smallest handbag, super comfy and very pretty to boot.

flats to go giveaway contest on

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Luckily for one of Sexy Shoes Expert and Silke’s Sexy Shoes blog readers, this pair of Zebra Flats to Go is the April Giveaway item.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend Shoe Lovers

March 16, 2012

Put on your dancing shoes this weekend and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style this year.

Giveaway for Arch Tags on Sexy Shoes Expert

Before you head out for your celebration, visit SexyShoesExpert’s Giveaway page and sign up to win a set of Water Arch Tags for High Heels.

May the luck of the Irish be with you 🙂


Win Crabtree & Evelyn’s Foot Smoother

January 25, 2012

The January Giveaway on my website is a warming foot cream by Crabtree & Evelyn.

win this warming foot cream The Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Warming Foot Smoother is a cream that exfoliates, adds moisture and conditions your feet in one easy step.

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Bearpaw boots to keep you warm and cozy

January 7, 2012

Style doesn’t have to go out the window this winter! Keep your feet warm and cozy with these fuzzy boots by BEARPAW. Brace against winter’s worst weather in rugged leather boots that have rubber soles which lends traction to slippery streets if you absolutely must leave the comfort of your home.

Here are my three favorites Bearpaw boots:

Bearpaw boots Bearpaw boot for winter Bearpaw boot on sale

You can find more Bearpaw boots on sale for starting at around $40.

Sexy Shoes for the Season by Boutique9

October 27, 2011

I absolutely love these sexy hiking boots by Boutique9!

The Red Arael by Boutique 9 is a buttery leather find with an edgy block toe and instant vintage feel. The outdoors inspired d-loop laces add a rustic charm and the dual zipper closures give you no-struggle dressing after you’ve laced up this perfect fitting sexy boot.

The Destiny fur cuffed boot in Brown from Boutique 9 is a killer wedge. Antique chic laces adorn the distressed suede upper for a vintage charm while the cuffed fur collar brings in that aviator charm.

Last but certainly not least, is the Abeke bootie in Green from Boutique 9. It has a fun, feisty spirit that totally captures your heart with polished eyelets,  open toe and a stacked heel for that killer lift. Special Offer! – Save an additional 25% on the Abeke boot. *discount taken at checkout.

Boutique 9 Red Boot Boutique9 brown boot Boutique 9 Green Boot

Boutique 9 is a new brand answering the call for something new and different. A brand for the consumer who knows designer product but doesn’t limit herself. Fun, impulsive styles that are trendy but not too intimidating.
Shop for more sexy shoes and boots by Boutique 9!

Newest Boots from Stuart Weitzman

October 14, 2011

It surely doesn’t hurt for boots to have stiletto heels and ultra-tall shafts to be sexy, but it isn’t always necessary.

With these newest boots from Stuart Weitzman you can add a bit of heat to your fall wardrobe in styles ranging from ankle boots to thigh high boots, and everything in between.

Ankle boot by Stuart WeitzmanEnjoy your sultry fall evenings with the Greatneck leather ankle boot from Stuart Weitzman.

Clean, sophisticated lines and soft textures give this shoe a stunning simplicity. The gored collar lends a secure fit while the heel and platform provide lift and length for a delightful confidence boost – and a delightfully sculpted calf, too!

Available in Black Suede and Tmoro Vechio!

Boot by Stuart WeitzmanThe Stuart Weitzman Flapover Boot offers a supple suede upper with a fur trimmed vamp that provides animalistic appeal.

Smooth leather lining in the interior and a rubber sole providing grip and support while striding confidently on the 1 inch platform and moderate height heel.

Available in Stone African Hair!

Boot by Stuart WeitzmanThe Stuart Weitzman Vim Boot is a towering testament to style.

The 18 inch shaft on this gorgeous boot will reach to your knee, wrapping your legs in beautiful leather, giving you the illusion of added height. The 3 1/2 inch wedge heel and tapered, pointed toe will add confidence to your step.

Available in Saddle Old West Calf!

Stuart Weitzman has built a reputation for its creative use of unique materials in footwear and accessories and for its attention to quality. Stuart Weitzman has earned accolades from both the design world.
Find more Style Ecstasy: Stuart Weitzman new boots arrivals, free shipping plus free U.S. returns!

Ten reasons why women love shoes

October 3, 2011

Randy Bennett from Optimal Learning emailed the following article the other day to share on my blog, stating “I thought that kind of an article might be interesting to your visitors”.  Thank you Randy, your spot on.

The truth why women are in love with shoes. 

shop high heeled footwear for women

1. Variety – We women simply cannot wear the same shoe every day. We need change. Plus, our shoes need to match our outfits and our outfits need to match our activities and lifestyle. After all, you can’t wear open toe sandals if you are going hiking in the canyons now can you? Plus, variety is the spice of life.

2. Style – We want to look good. No, we want to look hot. No, we want to look comfortable. See what I mean? Th bottom line is that we need different styles for different looks.

3. A Good Deal – Women are born shoppers. It is a true talent and no true shopper can turn down a good deal on a pair of shoes. That is why discount shoe stores like DSW or Shoe Pavillion are so popular. No shoe shopper work her salt can resist a pair of Manolo Blahniks marked half-off.

4. Comfort (AKA High Heels vs. Falts) – High heel shoes look great, but let’s face it, they can really hurt the tootsies! Most women I know alternate between high heels and flats. You know what that means.. more shoes!

5. Durability – Well made shoes can last a lifetime. This is especially true if you do not wear them every day. As a result of this your shoes build up in your closet. Kinda like plaque on your teeth.

6. Trendy – Unlike that hot pink leather skirt you partied like it’s 1999 in, the shoes that you may have worn with it are still in fashion. In fact, Flashdance plastic jelly shoes have made a huge comeback. What a feeling!

7. Stability – As the years come and go, women’s clothing size may fluctuate. One year you may be a size 4 and then after a few years of stuffing krispy kreme donuts down your face, you may suddenly be a size 14. But guess what? Your shoe size will stay the same. Chances are if a woman is a size 8 shoe, she will stay a size 8. How great is that?!

8. Options – “Should I wear my 5 inch Marc Jacobs heels today, or my 2 inch Gucci loafers?” It’s a woman’s fundamental right to be able to make a choice on her own footwear. In order to make those choices, women need (you guessed it) many different shoes.

9. Collections – Some men collect playboy magazines. We women collect shoes. Enough said.

10. Friendship – If diamonds are a girl’s best friend than shoes are a woman’s best friend. Shoes will always be there for her. They will never shun her or treat her wrong. They will never try to steal her boyfriend or call her fat. They will never let her down. The bottom line is a women needs as many of these friends as she can get.

Madeleine Francis, Yahoo! Read the full article here:

What a Woman Should Have

September 28, 2011

The following quotes for women are by Maya Angelou –


enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to.


something perfect to wear if the employer, or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour.


a youth she’s content to leave behind.

a past juicy enough that she’s looking forward to
retelling it in her old age.


a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra.


one friend who always makes her laugh… and one who lets her cry.


a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family.


eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal, that will make her guests feel honored.


a feeling of control over her destiny.